1. House of Al-Kamari
    Control of Silk Trade.
    Clothiers District(Gem 52)
    Family Palace in Court Districts(Gem 77)
    Warehouses District(Gem 19)
  2. Adnan al-Raqi
    Tower in Pilgrims'District.
    Powerful sha'ir.
    Hated by most genies.
    Killer of countless genies.
    favorite pupils:
    missing: Tamr na-Fia went to the genie courts...
  3. House Al-Cinel
    Warehouses in Warehouse District. One is clossed and heavily guarded.
    Rumors of a present for the Grand Caliph.
  4. Andorra of the many veils
    Also the gazelle; most popular dancer in the restaurants of the suqs.
  5. Harjad, the waterbearer
    muddy water from the golden mosque?
  6. The White Agate, wizard most powerful
    leader of the magical legion. Rumors of dark past.
    school of magic for sea-specialists.(Court District).
  7. Jarda, adventurer(halfling female)
    Has a mysterious patron.
  8. Jafarak min Hutut, Bodyguard Barbarian
    Comes from the Furrowed Mountains. >= 1000 GP per month.
  9. One-Eye Kasad, sergeant of the watch.
    Very(!) ugly, scars of fight. Can be bribed.
  10. Makbulla bint Dalmar, sea-trader(female dwarf).
    Constantly looking for new crewmembers, when in town.
  11. Basem bin Rumi, succesful adventurer gnome.
    master sorcerer. (Knows the Crowded Sea).
  12. Aja Pelima - magical Items (Drache)
    shop at the Grand Bazaar.
    " Mad Aja's Magic for Fools an Simpletons"
    recognizes people's wealth.
    uses pyrotechnics for effect.
    high pressure salesman.
    member of Brotherhood of the Flame??
  13. Mustapha, old physician
    Once famous, now very modest fees.
  14. Qoha'dar the sha'ir (beautiful woman)
    Water gen Ali. Mamluk bodyguard Farim.
  15. House of R'maga , ogre porters in the grand bazaar.
    Six brothers.
  16. Dao of the ferry.
    Konai al-Afrit, Siri al-Klemin. Criminals from the genie Courts.
    Notorious gossips.
  17. Saleem, the architect.
    Eccentric. Costantly accompanied by a mule. Often engaged in debates with his
    "Companion". Insane or desperate for female attantion?
  18. Yumik al-Zanil, flying tours.
    Tours on flying carpets (5 availabla/ 20 GP per half hour tour)
    It's possible to bye a magic carpet.
  19. Imam Yola,Qadi of grand bazaar.
    Female gnome priest of Zann. Only recently appointed. Fair and capable.
  20. Tawi bin Musawar, Palace Qadi in charge of the Court District.
    Good connections in the Court. Spy of Prince Tannous? Bribable? Protects people with influence?
  21. Gotak ibn Sa'ukan, Ogre seargent of the watch, Court District.
    2.Grandmaster of the Skimitar.
  22. Gina bint Kemala, leader of the mystic Readers.
    Grandmaster of mathematics. Spends nearly all her time in the Reader's library in the Mosque
    of Zann. Sometimes instructing pupils in the public gardens.
  23. Gogol al Misal,slavetrader.
    Many powerful friends (disreputable nobles and merchants).
  24. Gorar al-Aksar, singing barber.
    Shop at the Grand Bazaar, including astrological charts and a smoking efreeti bottle.
    Insists on casting a horoscope for every customer.
    Tells stories about his time as Royal Astrologer.
  25. Alik Aksama, Fine Rugs.
    Three tents at the grand bazaar for different qualities.
  26. The House of Al-Danafi.
    Large complex near the Grand Bazaar. Dealing in nearly everything, except exotics.
    Familyhead: Khwaja al-Danaf from Gana.
    Their daughter Tanya bint Perijan married the Grand Caliph seven years ago as his most
    favored wife.
  27. Hama Sayif, mystic and dancer.
    Mystic dwarfen dancer. Offers advice against money.
    Sometimes granted visions while dancing.
    Two halfling musicians (pipes and drums).
  28. Janci al-Kriman, Camels and other Beasts of Burden.
    Sells very good Camels and trained Hippogriffs.
    Al-Assad bazaar.
    (Gem 49)
  29. Zima al-Hatik, Rare Books.
    Shop in area twelve of the Court District. Also sage.
  30. Aziza the Seer.
    Small shop: "Books and Scrolls" in the Pilgrims' District .
    Also a small reputation as fortunrteller in the Court District.
  31. Ibtisam bint Latifa,Personal Wardrobe Designer.
    Very fashionable at Court. Has been called to consult the Harim. Many nobles are
    customers here. Jamal bin Akbar is a regular customer.
  32. Essafah al-Jamila, Items for the Immortals.
    Genie prisons and Items related to genies. 2 tasked guardian genies as bodyguards.
    Jamal: Will soon be slain by a Genie if justice shall be served.
  33. Nabil al-Rashad, horse trader.
    Roaming the streets. Varied quality - low prices.
  34. The living marionette.
    A theater in the al-Assad Bazaar. Plays about the enlightened ways. Marionettes speak for themselves.
    Transmuted humans??? Very popular with nobles, but children are admitted without fee.
  35. Jera al-Farif. Sculptures for the Elite.
    At the Al-Assad Bazaar: Ordered Sculptures in obsidian or marble.
    There's a statue of the Grand Caliph in the Grand Palace,that is made by him.
    He's also a lesser magician(below master grade).
  36. Parok Mirami, guide.
    One dirham(sp) per hour. "You'll find everything if you let me be your eyes".
  37. Laksi al-Afyid, Services for Nobles.
    Lavish house near Grand Bazaar where the rich can rest, while her agents aquire all the
    customers need. Expensive but efficient.